Fingerboard: Rosewood Bottom Line: For the price, the Cordoba C1M is great value for money. Koa is a very rare type of wood and more expensive than others. Epiphone electro-acoustic guitars. Many classical guitar players view their instruments as an extension of themselves so shopping for the right one for you is often a personal thing. Its rarity makes it quite expensive so keep that in mind. My Review: The Lucero LC100CE Acoustic-Electric Cutaway is a versatile performance guitar with its well engineered built-in electronics system and a full fingerboard access by way of the cutaway, It holds up well in its class. Body Style: Classical Neck: Mahogany Bottom Line: This guitar is definitely a good recommendation for those looking for an inexpensive acoustic-electric. Top: Solid Hand Selected Cedar It is beautiful to look at and even more so to play and sounds very good especially for a guitar with its price point which makes it a very affordable buy. Body style: Classical Target Customer: The Yamaha CGS103AII 3/4-Scale Classical aims at young beginners. The price will set you back a bit as it’s not your regular type of guitar. The fingerboard is rosewood. Finish: Gloss One main thing is that more modern classical guitars come with a cutaway. Classical Guitars at Europe's largest retailer of musical instruments - fast delivery, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 3-year Thomann warranty Served with love! Bottom Line: Easy to play, good handling with rich full sounds and beautiful well balanced tones, the Kremona Solea with its solid craftsmanship and select well-picked woods is sure to satisfy the hunger of those in search of an impeccably designed nylon string guitar and its superior sound quality. Looking for the best acoustic electric guitars? + Lightweight and responsive. Its warm tone, however, makes it an excellent choice for classical guitar musicians. Fret Count: 19 Pros: + Great starter guitar. If you want more of a classic electric guitar sound, pickups are the better option. Many shops allow you to trade old guitars for new ones at discounted rates. If you are a big person, you don’t want your guitar to look like a wooden pen in both your hands. You’ve watched some videos or heard some music that just spoke to you, and you have finally come to the conclusion that you need to get a classical guitar. Target Customer: The Alvarez AC65CE is a classical acoustic guitar that’s is great for a beginner or experienced player. String Type: Nylon Pros: + Traditional design. It has a modern lattice braced spruce top which can withstand heavy playing and create bigger tones with its projection enhancing capabilities. In recent years the classical guitar has been a musical instrument many guitar brands compete in manufacturing. Bridge: Rosewood Bottom Line: Very cheap for a first guitar especially for kids who show some interest in classical guitars and is, therefore, a good recommendation on that basis. The Kremona Solea sets itself as the perfect guitar for performance play or a refreshing everyday play with the stars. If you’re a beginner, you most likely aren’t paying much attention to something like this. The Cordoba C10 adds a fantastic touch of class to the C series it is the first in the line to feature all solid wood (not just top). once you are efficient at tuning and recognize sounds you can tune by ear and check with a tuner afterward. Bottom Line: Not super perfect but it is great and of super value. Why We Liked It - This Cordoba guitar is unbelievably comfortable to play, stretches are effortless, but the fret spaces is not so small you become clumsy. A solid European spruce top is used to provide an excellent rich tone with incredible volume projection while looking breathtaking at the same time. Moving from ¾ to 4/4 sizes can mean a big change for smaller hands so perhaps opt for a 7/8 with slightly smaller scale length. So what are some of the things you should be looking for when buying a classical guitar? If a cutaway is something you might want, then go for it. + Soft case, spare guitar strings, capo, digital tuner, and more included. The action of a guitar is the distance between the strings and the guitar neck. Examine the body and make sure it feels good when you hold it. My Review: Kremona guitars boast solid craftsmanship and the Soloist S65C is no different in the Kremona collection. Tradition meets innovation to achieve the finest performing guitars for stage and studio. My Review: Combining some of the best designs and quality Lucero has to offer, the Lucero LC150Sce Spruce/Sapele Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar makes it a point to stand out. My Review: This is an acoustic-electric guitar with built in B-Band pickup system with a tuner. The Lucero LC100 does boast a solid construction that should give it a decent lifespan long enough to rise from a learner to an experienced player, ready for a guitar with a bit more spunk which will definitely come at a higher price of course. His signature line does include electro-acoustic nylon string guitars, but there are steel-string acoustics available in the form of flat-top guitars and archtop guitars. I don’t get it, honestly). Almost everything you will see in this guide is supposed to contribute to playability. Bottom Line: A lovely cutaway design and integrated built in EQ pushes the Alvarez AC65CE to a top spot among the rest of the classical acoustic guitars. We have been selling classical, flamenco, cutaway and electro-nylon string, small-size and left-handed guitars from our small shop in Devon since 2005. You have Adirondack, Sitka and Englemann spruce. Scale Length: 25.6 inches This is one of the steel string guitars that is a dual-purpose acoustic electric guitar, as there are aftermarket kits available. Bottom Line: A great value guitar at an incredibly affordable price. Here we look at the best acoustic electric guitars for all budgets. It is cheap but good enough as a first guitar to get you into the classical game. He only made 150 in his lifetime and this one had Bouchet's signature Parisian address and the date of conception. Nut Width: 2.04 inches 99 Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes. It is also a good level classical guitar for those who are on a tight budget to have a decent guitar to practice. This is a deep Spanish classical guitar, the lows are very moving the trebles age-in, because it sports a pretty decent set of D'Addario nylon strings, probably be the icing on the cake for this one. Body Shape: Spanish Classic Top: Laminated Spruce This is a top line guitar for those interested in some of the very best guitars out there to buy and will not disappoint in the slightest as its rich sleek sounds produce crystal clear music. The DR-100 Acoustic guitar is one of the best in this category. This is a very important thing to look out for when buying a classical guitar. For beginners, it’s a very good buy, and students will love its low action and overall playability. Finish: Natural Gloss Fretboard: Rosewood A Honduras cedar neck adds to the allure of this magnificent guitar. As an intermediate guitar player, you may be wondering what the best intermediate acoustic guitar. Fretwood Material: Rosewood Left-Handed: Option available. Here at the Guitar Lobby, our aim is to share our passion for Music and gear with the rest of the music community. Target Customer: This a great beginner classical guitar. The old adage 'you get what you pay for' comes into force here. Scale Length: 23 inches We have provided you with a list of guitars in almost all budget ranges. This guitar is meant for experienced players who can manipulate the impressive sounds of this pristine musical instrument and produce what experience in the handling of such beautiful instruments can produce. The top of the line feature-rich electronics system includes A.R.T(Acoustic Resonance Transducer) Pickup responsible for the impressive sound quality and feedback rejection. The action might be too high, leading to difficulty in playing as we have seen or if it’s too low, you might have some ugly buzzing sounds coming from your guitar. Weight: 5.3 pounds. With the recent rise in popularity of retro blues music and a look back to vintage styling, musicians are flocking to old guitar stores and spending thousands on very old, very expensive guitars in an attempt to imitate their idols. Lucero LC100CE Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Classical Guitar Natural, 9. I do like the built-in Fishman Isys+ pickup system which delivers nice plugged in tones and picks up the softest tone while playing. Sides: Mahogany No instrument leaves here without being played and … At £59.99 this is the cheapest classical guitar on our list that we would still actually recommend for adults and kids over the age of 8yrs. The Cordoba C3M

 classical guitar has a solid cedar top with a mahogany back and sides a wood mixture which provides natural sustain and fantastic resonance. Martinez MCG 40 CE Cutaway Electro Classical Guitar £ 349.95 incl. My Review: The Cordoba holds a pristine reputation and I do say the Cordoba C5 is a name that delivers with its immaculate sounds. Neck: Nato The Cordoba Dolce 7/8 is the superb solution for smaller hands. The tuning pegs should be around shoulder height (but some of us are shorter than others). Amps, Pedals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Microphones, Studio, and recording gear, I love it all. Order Nylon String Acoustic Electric Guitars from AMS True 0% Interest Payment Plans Call Our Gear Experts ☎800-319-9043 Fast Free Shipping Free Extended Warranty It features traditional Spanish guitar fan bracing as opposed to x, lattice or ladder bracing. It’s the perfect choice for small-handed guitarists who are also looking to play an acoustic guitar that’s hybrid electronic. Related Article: Our Favorite Guitars Made in America. Decent tones and a pleasure to play, the guitar is a good value steal. Their top guitars for beginners and students benefit from a wealth of industry experience, reduction of costs comes down to the sheer number they produce rather than compromises on quality. The Sheer depth and warmth provided from the natural acoustic of this solid classical guitar is phenomenal. Good price for its value. You do not want that; trust me. Top: Solid Spruce If you’re just starting, chances are your ears couldn’t tell the difference anyway. Neck: Mahogany Scale Length: 21 inches String Type: Nylon Fingerboard: Rosewood Classical guitars made of all-mahogany wood are very rare. A half and quarter size guitars are not literally half and quarter of the full size guitar. Fingerboard: Rosewood Tuning Pegs - Classical guitars are typically perpendicular and acoustic parallel to their fretboard.