Regularly discuss ethical scenarios in practice meetings to prepare yourself for the real life challenges faced regularly in the dental surgery. However, Boards of Dentistry often cite ethics as causative in cases considered by these agencies. My team will be certain to be patient, supportive, and unobtrusive in offering physical help as our patients move about the office space. 23. I must advise my patient that there is a very small potential risk of cancer with exposure to radiation, though we will take care to cover all exposed areas of her body with a lead apron. Even in places with universal health care, dental costs are generally not covered by the government, and patients rely either on insurance benefits provided by their employer and/or pay dental fees out of pocket. You shouldn’t be memorizing a script, but you do want to establish some plot points, so that your narrative is smooth and reflective. Regularly discuss ethical scenarios in practice meetings to prepare yourself for the real life challenges faced regularly in the dental surgery. Is there anyone at our school that you are interested in working with? We will re-evaluate the potential risks and benefits of an X-ray in order to develop a treatment plan. What characteristics does a good dentist possess? Both companies use Dental Protection as a trading name and have their registered office at 33 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0PS.Dental Protection Limited serves and supports the dental members of Medical Protection with access to the full range of benefits of membership, which are all discretionary, and set out in Medical Protection’s Memorandum and Articles of Association. 51. Where do you start? Ethics and Law in Dental Hygiene: Case Studies 16 and 17. Lastly, keep yourself updated with what's going around the dental world by reading various dental magazines and journals. In fact, the peer support I received was so helpful I now volunteer and help out first-years in a similar predicament.” Show how you took ownership of your issue and how the experience has influenced your behaviour or choices now. This is particularly aimed at young dentists due to the relative inexperience in dealing with such situations, but will also be helpful to final year dentists studying for the DF1 interviews. Act in the best interest of your patient - your decisions should have this at its core. How have you dealt with academic difficulties? It’s time to move on to consider the strategies you used to overcome the difficulty you faced. Do you enjoy learning? What is the most rewarding experience of your life? If my patient agrees to the X-ray, I will be certain to ask her again whether she is pregnant or nursing, cover her with a lead apron, and inform her of exactly how many X-rays are necessary and why. This will help you understand what makes for an ideal answer, and how you can build such ideal answers using your own ideas and insights. Obtaining CPD in legal and ethical issues is recommended by the GDC. Give a balanced answer to both the negative and positive aspects of studying Dentistry. How do you feel your standardized test scores are? Do you have any experience working with underserved populations? You are a dentist with a patient who has come to see you because of moderate dental pain. What is your go-to source for reviewing up to date information about the field of dentistry? I will need to find resources to help me understand this isolation and to develop an action plan to inhibit more serious mental health concerns. Dental care may be seen as a discretionary expense, until the patient experiences pain and discomfort. 88. With these measures in place, and with the support of mental health professionals and purposeful attention to my own health and well-being, I will be able to mitigate the unavoidable stressors inherent in a dental practice. 79. I will ask if she has a condition I’m unaware of that contraindicates the use of radiation, or if she is pregnant or nursing. It's important to review sample dental school interview questions with expert analysis when preparing for your dental school interview. With changes in dental hygiene curricula and added questions on the NBDHE, dental hygiene graduates should have sufficient training in ethics to handle dilemmas they may encounter in their professional careers. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Medical Protection is not an insurance company. In addition, maneuvering in and out of a chair, sitting up, and lying down are movements that may require physical support and a helping hand, and could diminish the confidence and cause embarrassment for the aging. As the dentist in this scenario, my primary concern is for the well-being of my patient, but I must also be certain to provide equitable care to all my patients and make decisions that allow for the viability of my practice. I can also suggest my patient contact a nearby dental school for treatment, as patients are often seen at low-or-no cost as part of dental student training. This site uses cookies. Describe any inconsistencies or weaknesses in your record or application. 10. Over the recent years the UK has become a significantly litigious country. For example, you should politely ask the father if he is a married father or a 'partner father', as in the latter case the father would not have the right to consent for his son. What would you bring to the dental field? 77. First, appropriate terminology is utilized throughout, demonstrating knowledge of key concepts in the field – informed consent, evidence-based practice, patient autonomy, and the like. I may have been so intent on providing exceptional care to my patients and loved ones that I forgot to care for myself. Do you have any questions for us? Risk Management. 94. The first step is to identify what the ethical question is, being aware of what is morally/ethically at stake in a situation. The patient must be educated that regular dental cleanings and topical fluoride, as well as daily brushing and flossing, are mandatory for maintaining oral health. 1560 Words 7 Pages. What is the last article you read about dentistry? If you have pursued your course in dentistry and look forward to work in a dental clinic, you need to know what sort of dentist interview questions you would face.. Before attending a dentistry interview session, you need to make a list of the previous cases you have handled, a list of the procedures you have practised, certification copies, recommendation letters, and references if any. Maintain control of your narrative by using careful description to “show” the interviewer how you will act in such a scenario. As the pain she was experiencing was not debilitating, nor did I see any great cause for concern upon examination, I did not make any further recommendations with respect to the X-rays. Finally, I will connect with nursing homes and retirement facilities to attend to the needs of those who are not mobile or are without insurance as part of my code of ethics. What other dental schools are you applying to? Finally, as the patient ages and if cognitive issues become apparent, my team will support the patient and their family by liaising with insurance providers on their behalf. I will ask if she feels the dental pain she is experiencing justifies further exploration by means other than an oral examination. The steps are arranged to allow reasoning and other reflective skills leading to judgments about what ought to be done, based on facts, values and principles. What impression do you feel you've left on me? What were the circumstances surrounding that low Calculus mark? To build confidence and professional acuity, I might consider teaching positions at dental schools, or leadership positions within professional organizations. They were told that they were professors that had given a test, and fellow professors were pressuring them to give the students lower grades than they had earned because the average was too high. 13. Simran Kaur is a final year student at Liverpool. In addition, I will advocate for low-income earners and the precariously employed by lobbying all levels of government for better access to dental healthcare funding. Common conditions such as arthritis may make the simple act of holding a toothbrush difficult and flossing impossible. 80. As well, note that there are some statements that indicate not just what is said, but how the conversation took place. What are unethical dental office scenarios Get Rewriting & Paraphrasing Help! 35. You have a colleague who is known for overcharging patients and manipulating items on bills in his favor. BeMo has the highest rating of any other Academic Consulting with a 4.8/5 score on Trustpilot. The pressing issue here is a dentist’s own well-being, as dentists are prone to occupational stress that can lead to burn-out, depression, and other challenges to mental wellness. Research suggests that dentistry is a stressful profession, and evidence suggests that a significant proportion of dentists report anxiety, depression, physical pain, or headaches on a regular basis. Although they may strive to maintain a sense of comradery with the administrative and technical team, and show care and compassion for their patients’ “whole person,” isolation in the workplace and a sense of “carrying it all alone” can weigh heavily over time. While many people relied on their dental benefits as employees, this coverage often ends in retirement, especially as pensions become less common. This self-knowledge will be beneficial moving forward, as I work to keep up with the quickly changing technologies and procedures central to a career in dentistry. Name a time you went above and beyond in a class. Ethics Case Study Help. Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Contact Us, New York | Los Angeles | Boston | Chicago | Houston | London | Sydney | Toronto | Calgary | Montreal | Vancouver. With ethical dilemmas, there is no equation to plug into. The ramifications of cheating include not only har… tal Ethics and Law Society, taught dental ethics for some 15 years, and published extensively on topics in dental ethics, including an edited volume entitled Justice in Oral Health Care – Ethical and Edu-cational Perspectives. Why dental school? As oral health professionals, a dentist cares for their patients and runs a professional practice that is a healthy work environment for the team. Key words: ethics education, dental education, clinical clerkship, dental ethics, bioethics Submitted for publication 4/29/05; accepted 6/21/05 of ethics in health-related disciplines is enormous Case 16 This case presents a very delicate situation that presents many legal and ethical questions. I will provide her any written literature I may have on X-ray safety, ensuring she has access to the best scientific evidence and consensus, in case she would like to reconsider in the future. As always, good, contemporaneous record keeping is of paramount importance. Child Safeguarding Scenarios and Answers Scenario A Beth, Aged 8 Beth is known for being an inquisitive and chatty member of the class. What kind of practice environment do you see yourself in? Image credit: icethim, via the Creative Commons License: It has been awhile since I last saw the patient, and any number of things may have changed in that time. - Duration: 1:33. If the patient informs me that none of the treatment plans are financially manageable for them, even with a payment plan, my office will contact social service agencies to determine if my patient qualifies for government funding at some level. Did you see any ethical scenarios whilst on work experience? 64. Litigations faced by dentists are far more common now than what they used to be. Helping the Aging Population, Dental School Interview Questions: #5. 31. 84. Methodology: The study was conducted among 15 bioethicists. How common are ethical dilemmas in dentistry? Home UK > Articles > Risk Management > An ethical Dilemma! However, in order to maintain my standard of professional care and to ensure my personal relationships remain positive and healthy, it is my responsibility to care for myself. In order to honour patient autonomy, we discussed the potential risks and benefits of the X-rays, leaving the decision to her informed consent. 2374160) and is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Medical Protection Society Limited which is registered in England (No.36142). In this article she discusses an ethical scenario and the issues raised within it. 52. 4. 24. 2. 7. Specifically, he is determined to create and provide admissions and educational training programs that reduce the barriers to access in higher education. What are you most worried about in dentistry? By way of honest inventory, I come to understand that I’m also experiencing a loss of self-confidence and exhaustion. 8. Obtain valid consent - this scenario is particularly tricky as there are many potential pitfalls in obtaining informed consent. Finally do NOT forget Safeguarding - why is the father adamant for his son not to have an extraction? 9. Check out this video for even more discussion of some of the most challenging dental school interview questions: You are a dentist expecting a patient you haven’t seen in a few years. Rather, I need to actively explore such advances and seek out those with specialized knowledge, so that I can always serve my patients as effectively as possible.”. 42. Available ADA resources to help new dentists facing ethical situations include the ADA Code of Ethics, the Ethics Hotline and the archive of ethical scenarios that can be found at 56. However, it's best to own up to the low grade, or the gap in extracurriculars, or whatever that weak-spot might be, by re-framing it with a growth mindset. Expand on any ethical scenarios that arise in a hospital and how legal aspects tie in with this? When I am sure my patient is aware of the potential risks and benefits, I will ask her what course of action she would like to take. What did you learn? 16. He believes everyone deserves access to higher education. A test bank is an electronic manual prepared for examinations and testing. Little details like ensuring a private, one-on-one conversation, or sitting in such a way that doctor and patient are at eye-level to one another, help the interviewer “see” the interviewee in that role. 1. 22. After consulting with the patient and doing an initial oral examination, it may be that I determine that a regular cleaning and perhaps X-rays for preventative measures are all that is required. It is important to remain non-judgmental and empathetic to the patient’s concerns. I would tell my brother, but the how and when, may vary based on circumstance. Why should we pick you ahead of someone else? What challenges or obstacles have you faced? With an additional 30 professionally written interview answer examples. BeMo's high-end consulting programs are often at full capacity before peak seasons and it has grown exponentially because of its outstanding success rate of 93.5%. In which circumstances is this acceptable and in which is it not? 14 Rules for Admissions Screening in Higher Ed: An Antidote to Bias, Easiest Medical Schools to Get into in 2020, Medical School Acceptance Rates in December 2020, PA vs MD: Similarities & Differences in 2020, Medical School Resume: The 2020 Guide for Premeds, Medical School Personal Statement Examples: 20 Best in 2020, How To Answer The Med School Personal Statement & Interview Question: "Why Do You Want To Be A Doctor? These include dealing with ageism, financial obstacles, mobility obstacles, cognitive limitations, communication and issues of consent, and complications with treatment due to medications and medical conditions, to name only some. 45. The core issues in dental ethics are the ethics of the dentist patient relationship, ... answer two fundamental questions: What . ", CASPer Test Prep: 8 Official CASPer Sample Questions in 2020, Statement of Purpose Examples for Graduate School in 2020, Residency Personal Statement Examples: The 20 Best in 2020. In addition, I may discuss the ALARA protocol (As Low As Reasonably Achievable), which is the principle of radiation safety where the least amount of radiation necessary is used. The patient believes X-rays are harmful and refuses. 29. What do you do? As with any pandemic, our profession is at a high risk. © 2013-2020 BeMo Academic Consulting Inc.