A tunnel going into one of the bunkers. I got this shot by putting my camera through a hole in the wall well over my head. of the paper, Dan Rattiner, I don't know. The orbs are caused by water droplets, or the interdimensional monster named Junior forming out of thin air! The bunker remained a secret until 1990 when it was revealed and then decommissioned. After the war the Air Force established a radar station on about 150 acres inside the confines of old Camp Hero. Camp Hero is hiding secrets.But it\'s not aliens or nuclear weaponry that are concealed behind the stalwart concrete doorways and bunkers of the former military base now part of … Camp Hero. That involves locating a secret bunker which then needs you … There are plans to create a museum and an interpretive center that will focus on World War II and Cold War history inside the radar tower. (Wikimedia Commons) Filmmaker Christopher Garetano, who grew up near Montauk, made the 2014 documentary “Montauk Chronicles” that detailed the allegations of three men — Nichols, Al Bie­lek and Stewart Swerdlow — who say they were brainwashed and forced against their will to take part in experiments at Camp Hero between 1971 and 1983.. It should be noted that Camp Hero was a WWII military installation of about 550 acres. Camp Hero in Montauk, NY is strewn with blockaded airplane hangars and artillery bunkers that are closed to the public. Montauk Point at Camp Hero in Montauk, New York, has an alleged underground facility that developed psychological warfare techniques and exotic research.Disclosure of the black site, reveals an underground base that conducted Monarch mind control programming, under Project MKULTRA, in the 50s and 60s. Anyway, in Jan of 75 we decided to explore the camp. Camp Hero … The old telephone frame, thanks for pointing that out Doug. Bunker 9 is a mysterious and secretive workshop deep within the Camp Half-Blood Forest. In 1942, the US government upgraded Montauk … Shot of the inside of one of the bunkers. The Shield Weaver armor in Horizon Zero Dawn is acquired as part of the Ancient Armory quest. The bunker is over 200 years old, containing many ancient relics. Check out Camp Hero folks, USA has it’s abandoned places too, only Camp Hero is said to be where Einstein, Teslam amd the aliens got together to invent invisibility. Dear Kent, Hi my name is MM webmaster of HostileInvader.com I have been conducting Montauk Project investigations at Camp Hero, Montauk Air Base for a little over 2 years. Joe Loffreno, a parks department employee on Long Island, believes he was abducted as a boy and experimented on by the government at Camp Hero military base in Montauk, NY. Another bunker shot. A. Bunka. Some parts of the camp remained closed off and guarded, especially the areas near the old satellite installations. Some graffetti in the bunker... Spooky bunker shot. Mautauk, Camp Hero. The Greenbrier Bunker (Virginia) The US government built an addition to this hotel in 1958 and in exchange, they were allowed to build a 120,000 square foot bunker underneath it. The Bunker was re-discovered by Leo, thanks to the guidance of the automaton dragon named Festus, who would become an integral part of the Argo II. Camp Hero State Park was opened to the public on September 18, 2002.