And, y’know, not keeping designs that cause seizures. Like most internet communities, it’s run by a small team of administrators and relies on its members to shape its values and determine the direction of the site. I've been reading on people's blogs for ages, how everyone wants a quilting equivalent, and yippee!! It is community sourced and has thousands upon thousands of patterns and is easily navigable by pattern specifications. Seeing what others have used is more informative. For those using Ravelry Pro please let me know if there are any residual issues. Knitting and crochet are portable whereas sewing by machine isn’t. A great extension for Chrome. But, she doesn’t like the action, so she will use it to maintain access to her patterns. You can also link to Ravelry's store with promotional items like T-shirts and buttons that promote the Web site. Of course - those sites are way older than we are (in website years they are like 100 and we are infants!) You can search by free, or indie designers, in addition to type of project, etc. There's also the opportunity to comment on patterns or projects you like. Press J to jump to the feed. Ravelry makes it easy to find the pattern you're looking for - and everyday I talk to people who don't know how to use it. is one of them. It’s difficult to print sewing patterns from a home printer. The response from both Ravelry and Ravelry members who liked the new site was basically, “stop whining, you’ll get used to it if you give it a chance, you just don’t like change,” and the really problematic “you’re exaggerating your problems.” Many of … ... There’s a Walk away from Ravelry FB page, with nearly 1,400 members so far, and three! Ugh, patternjam. The way I found a great deal of information was from, however, as you may know, that is not a free tool. I grabbed a few patterns and will be trying. I am so sorry that our actions, or inactions, have made anyone in the community feel unheard. Look forward to hearing from you! Ravelry founders Jess and Casey stated in an interview several years ago that in the early years they depended on donations from members, otherwise they would have been living off the backs of their parents. Hi there, I'd love to know more about this project management tool, as I want to make Weave a good place for stitchers to be, so anything like this that is beneficial is music to my ears. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Still, despite not being a knitter or crocheter at all, to me the site feels like a beacon of sanity in an insane world. 9. Same would go for free software and things like that – you’re not trying to build a business, just earn enough to get buy. But there is a big difference between a community and a business. ages ago EveningMeadow says: For quilters, there's ages ago Ravelry’s advertising guidelines boast 7 million users in “nearly every country in the world” reaching 5 to 6 million daily page views. She deleted her participation in any forums and will not link to the site. The amount of emails of new uploaded patterns in triplicate drove me nuts. We acknowledge that our responses up to this point have been insufficient. When knitting site Ravelry banned all pro-Trump content it caused a schism in the community—but it also shone a spotlight on how women are using niche sites to politicize. Be sure to check your email to confirm your subscription. Oh my -- not sure where I'm going to find hours in the day to hang around in there, but it will be fun learning what they have to offer. You can email your thoughts at mrx[at] if you want. It is a free membership site where you can record your projects, search new patterns, find yarn stores and products, see other people's projects, and connect with other fiber enthusiasts through the Ravelry groups and discussion boards. You can access your own personal corner of the site from the "My Notebook" tab at the top of each page. Viewed 23k times 24. We're here to help! Like the title says, I'm looking for a quilting pattern site like ravelry is for crochet/knitting. There are quilters, garment sewers, embroiderers, and crafters. Knitting had a resurgence earlier than sewing. As far as a little Internet research goes, it’s one of the biggest knitting and crochet sites out there, with over 1 million members. Yarn is different from fabric. Get the best in sewing, blogging, and small business delivered right to your inbox each week. I don't necessarily like the way it looks but it doesn't make me sick. This question does not meet Stack Overflow guidelines. Just FYI. The Ravelry team was slow to respond and, when they did, the community felt like the apology was inadequate. This extension is also very easy to use. Ravelry is a community site, an organizational tool, and a yarn & pattern database for knitters and crocheters. It's not as well done as Ravelry and more confusing, but it's the closest thing to an online sewing site like Ravelry. Even if I don't know how to make it happen. Please review our FAQ before posting to see if your questions are answered there. And even with sites that don’t care about users, there are standard practices, like having a period of (usually opt-in) testing to hammer out bugs and give people a chance to adapt to the change. Matching yarn to a project is a more specific thing than matching fabric to a pattern. Actually, this is the best extension I`ve ever seen on chrome web store for searching similar site and viewing monthly visitor. Lisa Woolsquare. Here's a 2005 entry from Jessica's blog describing an imaginary site that is much like Ravelry. If she can find the pattern at another site, then she’ll link. I also don't think it's helpful to refer to Ravelry as a "shit show". I don't know about you, but I spend a lot of time looking at crochet patterns... whether it's to put together a collection for this site, find a pattern for someone who isn't having any luck, or for my own crochet down time. Usually from the same person and the slightest variation. Show off your latest project or just learn how to get started. Update 8/3/2020: Designer KatieBea posted on Instagram that she received an email from Cassidy, one of the founders of Ravelry, saying “we have found zero evidence that there is anything about the new design that causes migraines or seizures.” In her post she writes “ For well over a month, we have begged you to do something. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Not sure if it's like Ravelry (I'm not into crochet/knit and just tried to check out the site but looks like I'd need to sign up), but I get a lot of my inspiration from the endless database of quilt block patters at Quilter's Cache - just google "Quilter Cache Quilt Blocks Galore" and you should be able to check out that site. I had to block them. You will have to drive knitters and crocheters to your website. They have forums and groups you can join. There’s a good chance this site isn’t for you, but after you see how much fun people have there, you’ll wish you had a similar online haunt. Neither theory has basis in Ravelry’s own narrative, though, as in their announcement, the site’s admins pointed towards a similar decision by roleplaying game hub … Wikipedia also seems to do really well with their donation drives. We are divided. Fixed a minor issue that affected the main site spacing. Anybody know of something like this for quilting patterns? We love all things quilting. I just signed up for textillia based on this recommendation - it's pretty new and looks like it has a lot of potential so don't judge it yet! This should not affect the main site but if you see any problems please let me know right away. V2.4 - 4:10 PM PST July 10th, 2020 Major update that should only affect Ravelry Pro only. and much more advanced - but I think we have developed a really good beta site that is currently open for membership. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. So, Ravelry will also be losing new people checking into the site via links. Selling your work from your website has a drawback: there is no built-in customer traffic like Etsy, Ravelry, or Lovecrafts. It is not currently accepting answers. The first "circle" (group) I found, of course, was a group made up of people on Ravelry. Yarn is in a more “raw” state than fabric. I found out, a few weeks ago, that many fabric manufacturer's websites often have hundreds, if not thousands, of free patterns on their site. I've never used ravelry, but I like digging around in Craftsy's patterns. There are ways around that, for example the website has a 14-day free trial. If there was a site I would use it. It’s helpful to see what others used. The social network is called Ravelry . There was always an undercurrent of liberalism on the site… Then chawne tells me there is a "Ravelry type site" now: I was searching for this for a long time and i finally found it! Oh nice! In the rest of this post, I share my observations on. Too bad. It is community sourced and has thousands upon thousands of patterns and is easily navigable by pattern specifications. Dear Ravelry Community, I first would like to apologize for any stress and uncertainty that the Ravelry site redesign has caused in what is already a difficult year. ! looks like there may be one forming :-) Quiltgroup is now in the process of sending out invitations. I have done almost all of my researching for free. I joined a free site for knitters and crocheters called Ravelry. Sewing is cliquey. CrochetMe, another big site with comparable features, has 224,000 users. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The fallout A few days later, they provided the ability to switch back to the old design, a decision that was greeted with gratitude but also with reports of previously non-existing bugs . Their free patterns are two pages but it does look to be a ravelry- esque site but for seeing. I was wondering if there is anything like … From the Ravelry home page, you can read the Ravelry newsletter, search the site for resources and even get help using the site. Whilst there are some sewers who only do one type of thing, here in the UK there is not the dominance of quilting there seems to be in the states. Ravelry is a social networking site for fiber arts like knitting and crocheting. In short: In short: My wife Jessica and I started designing the site in January 2007 after caving to months of needling from a friend who thought there was promise in our idea. Anybody that has ever used Ravelry for their knitting addiction, will know just how awesome that site is. Podcast Episode #6: Are Handmade Toys Safe with Dawn Treacher », It’s more like solids than printed fabric. I am very sorry for anyone it does make sick. Closed. ( is probably the largest and most popular website devoted to knitting and crocheting. You hating ravelry gives you a fundamental misunderstanding of what rav is. Active 4 years, 9 months ago. I'm tired of having to look everywhere on the internet for something fun. there was threadbias and you can find some projects there:, i guess but i feel like it's pushed too much to buy their pre-printed fabrics. Ravelry is a website with thousands of crocheting and knitting patterns for free and for sale. I asked Síle Thiels if it is challenging to market her patterns to knitters, and she told me: is there another site like [closed] Ask Question Asked 6 years, 8 months ago. There’s already a tradition of community within knitting and crochet, while sewing is something you do alone. I am a co-founder of a website named and we are striving to become the ravelry/flickr for quilters. I love this extension. Like the title says, I'm looking for a quilting pattern site like ravelry is for crochet/knitting. Another comment cited an entire Ravelry group of “Conservative Knitters” (not necessarily pro-Trump, but conservative in general) being “disappeared” from Ravelry, with all of that group’s forums and forum threads being removed. By the way, Ravelry has done some really cool things with the design of their community! What I think are the main reasons that contribute to Ravelry's sucess, and; I discuss some possible reasons why there is no "Ravelry … Since it is a free site and the people working there give every appearance of working hard to fix the problems, I … I agree it has to be the right sort of site and Ravelry is the best model I have seen. Check our Sewing machine review thread for recommendations. Modified Nov 23, 2020. Sewing is just now hitting its stride. Design by Shay Bocks.