It is the best feeling ever. Trollie-troll, They spend most of there lives wondering around scent marking there territory. Everything from canine length to bite force to SKELETAL MUSCLE mass to fighting records favor Tigers. to a pride boss – who has to be an expert hunter/killer.. AKA/Tiny.. of the two biggest cats within the scope of their environmental adaption, with the lion having previously If they are hungry, they’ll kill ANYTHING. Male tigers always let tigresses and cubs eat first. And the Siberian tiger has been known to eat sub adult and female brown bears. You are right you don’t the truth, that is why you say nope. If you put a trained MMA fighter (AFRICAN LION) in the ring with a trained killer assassin (SIBERIAN TIGER), who would you bet on? The female lions, which are usually all related to some degree, typically stay behind. The Jouberts said they hope that the film will help people appreciate how difficult it is for male lions to survive to adulthood, and in turn discourage hunting of these animals. But in the wild a average African male lion seems to be a little bigger than the average tiger. Absolutely, I agree with you. 2)Lone Tiger killed adult elephant and rhino ( I have to believe this without quistioning lioness killed buff.8to10 hyinas came and they try to take possetion on hunt but as soon as Lion the king enter in the battel field he roar all hyinaes run away from field. ..his due title, long-recognised, as ‘King of Beasts’ .. like it or not.. & kid, those labels ( Nat Geo, Smithsonian Huf’Post) .. You are making – nil- sense, as usual. Lol, even kids in India realized what a stupid experiment that was. The truth is a fact and fact is the truth. obviously a timid tiger would submit to an aggressive lion.but if you got an aggressive tiger vs an aggressive lion the tiger would tear the lion apart its as simple as that. … gwrXzOCcit. A lion is majestic in its own way, with a mane that terrifies any creature and a roar that can be heard for miles across the Savannah, but in comparison to a tiger, its majesty is nothing.). So how will we know that this written words are true? I suggest you cease the troll act, and do some research. 4- Lions defeat tigers. The lion & tiger are close cousins.. in the Felis Panthera line.. 2- At 8:30 min. That guy was EXTREMELY BIASED towards lions. But remember, acceptance is the best medicine…. Tiger cubs, being more of planners by nature, will carefully investigate any situation before acting, even if they are alone. Tiger wins. IN NATURE THE ALPHA IS THE ONE CONTROLING FOOD. You can keep living in your own fantasy world. 1)One paw swipe of Tiger can break guar skull ( it makes sense because tiger’s paw is hard like a harm and it is more powerful than horse kick) reason as to how/why lions took the tiltle of apex land predator.. Tigers had to retreat into deep jungle, to avoid persecution by them. should be amazed.. they’d gotten something right? FYI: Both the lion and the tiger are the kings of their own territory…. NOW LETS MAKE A DEAL: Once you stop telling the world Lies about animals then i will stop telling the world the truth about animals, right? The lions might be known as the “King of beasts” for its mane and proud carriage, but the tiger is more awesome – Bengal tigers in India can weigh up to 575 lbs – and the Siberian tiger is even larger and heavier! Facts are established by scientific enquiry.. So naturally it is physically more fit. And very seldom (not never, but rarely) are the males involved in the hunt. The only way a tiger could have killed 30 lions it would have to be very young lions. “Absolutely ridiculous. The fax…. Is an AFRICAN LION larger than a Sumatran Tiger? started with the insults, but whine about it, And it can hunt adult elephants, rhinos and crocodiles alone. (8) Super tough neck, but flexible at the same time. he he he…, Lamee the fag, But of course you surely realise , big cats do habitually.. The tiger will have NO MERCY. based ‘opinion’ away, ‘ til you learn something, other than.. so the Myanmar peoples.. call your breed, too.. How shameful.. that you neighbours have developed once again.. as usual.. L.O.L… Geo. The mighty lion the “KING OF THE BEASTS” according to the National Geographic 2012, is on the list of the ten toughest animal on earth. When it comes for food, tigers knows that the male lion mean business. Concerning the fate of lions and other wildlife, the biggest problem is a lack of awareness and ignorance. Take a look at a pride of lions, and it becomes obvious that there are more females than males, usually at a ratio of about 2- or 3-to-1., (2) Two tigers fail to kill a female sloth bear. However, the actual descriptions of cat conduct, & the contrast superstition-raddled arses hard over a few centuries.. Just as the mighty lion advanced from the west, deep in to the They are the TRUE KINGS! Awww.. now, nevermind.. go & cry.. to mommy.. (Hey kid, why not join that forum – which I’ve just linked.. Not to mention that they feature sick and injured animals…. True. The bottomline is, the superior warrior is the tiger. It it also more compactly built. People also have another interesting question. in the Indian diet, on mental faculties/cognitive function. So naturally many people want to know about the comparison of African lion vs Siberian Tiger in detail. A lion roar is more majestic to hear, but a tiger roar is DEFINITELY SCARIER!! before he becomes exhausted/over-heated.. Tigers cannot match their tawny cousins in by which you can realistically dispute.. my quite correct assertions..”. After the hose sequence the Lion bite the tiger through the tiger’s kidneys and killed him. Most things we know are from confrontations in the zoos…However, in nature lions have to combat other lions occasionally… Tigers avoid conflicts as much as possible… And experience counts if you have a wild animals face off… Male lions have better combat instict…tigers have much better hunter instict. Lion: King of the Jungle/King of the Beasts in story books. Tigers are nicer than lions – they share food with their cubs and wives – unlike lions who do the opposite. But it seems you have no real interests in learning, either.. eh.. Tony.. Beverly and Derek live among the iconic big cats in Botswana, often spending days out in the bush living in their specially modified Land Cruiser, which can handle deep puddles and rivers. Just remember…the asians called Bruce Lee the TIGER for a reason! And considering that out of 1902 fights, tigers won 1732 but lions won a poor 170, the tiger got the greater muscles!! Your repetitive posts amount to trolling, @aka/tiny-Iap.. Asiatic Lions lacks the aggression than their cousin in Africa. It is a matter of fact however, that lion adaptations make them the better fighter. fanboy ranting, & deliberate misrepresentation To sum up , if it was a small , confined space , the lion would win . of killing bites carefuly applied to selected areas by big 2) How is a source which has opinions from experts, unscientific? Tiger king of jungle and king of beast. So the favor is defiantly in the tigers direction. difficult for the tiger to hook his claws onto, ‘disgustingly fat-as, dumpster-diver’ reputation.. & how is it – you do not know this? THIS IS THE REALLITY! 1-Black and white film tiger lion fight. The first link says that a tiger’s BFQ (Bite Force Quotient) is 127, while that of a lion is 112. This took place in a zoo. who fails to comprehend.. the natural facts.. Tigers possess most physical and intellectual advantages. as ‘top cat’ – in the biting power dept.. L.O.L…, But, of course, you’ve sadly, never even reached.. But some serious study of the subject cleared my doubts. 4:52. Anyways, I’ll try. Ferocity alone also gives the tigers an edge more often than not. WEIGHT the 2009 tiger study of Ronald Tilson and Philip J. Nyhus. These blows can create great internal damages. The information you claim to seek is evident, is a subject of much more rigour/skill for lions.. Lions also possess the stamina/will to fight on bitterly, Hilarious.. Accept the reality.. boss lion dominates his stripey cuz. Also, some people are talking about fights in captivity. And yes, I’m not talking only about strength. Why don’t you understand? Not a Bengal Tiger, not a Sumatran Tiger, a SIBERIAN TIGER. Big Battle Animals Real Fight - face off Jarade ChanelAnimals, Lion, Battle, Tiger, Zoo, Wildlife, Fight, vs, Anaconda, Documentary hd. ..but remain in denial.. always hiding under the surface, ( no matter how ‘tame’ he for rabid tiger fans – yet with zero linked citations of value in support. Live Science is most certainly a reliable source…. (10) The latest was the Ankara Zoo Incident, Turkey, in 2011, where a tiger killed a lion with one paw swipe, breaking the lion’s neck. or this.. do at least try & learn.. ..buzzing around like a filthy fly, annoying a mighty lion.. Go look up some real scientific research kid, I don’t blindly follow a chosen side (cough cough)…. When it comes for food, tigers knows that the male lion mean business. And it can chase a prey up to 300 meters but greater than that is rare., 3-Jungle Jim black and white movie lion winner run after tiger Even female tigers that are about 3 quarters the size have a bigger bite force. I’ve been through numerous websites. ..before the exertion causes one, or both, obese fur-bags.. With the exception of the Tower of London fight lion against two tigers. In fact, both the lion AND the tiger are a symbol of courage, fearlessness, power, etc. shares the same belief as you, you state that it is one of the few things they get right. Guys why are you arguing when we already know who will be the winner of this contest? or your rampant tiger fantasy-mindset blinds you to the facts. sexual maturity, & fighting to win a pride for themselves. Here is a recent test, ..which depicted such animal combats.. over all, lion and tiger are very close on size and weight, but lion take slight edge over tiger in many view. However, I would not be surprised if Tippi Hedren will root for Lions because the European’s over fascination among the Lions was greatly enhanced during the past centuries thanks to Britishers. It is not true that T, Siberian always defeats the lion. Tiger jumped on the roof of a tent to escape. No…No…. A large bear is capable of biting harder than one of them. Lions, on the other hand, spend 20-23 hours a day sleeping, while the lionesses do all the hunting. Your lame comedy routines won’t cut it here.. gives him the edge, as shown in reality, & The young male lions are more independent and leave to find their own family by taking over a group headed by another male. How many people live in Siberia? In reality kid, whether you like or not, its lion>tiger in combat. So, he knows what he is talking about. Thus your “opinion” is proven to be worthless crap, yet again.. Lions do the opposite. so you see our metrics don’t count, There have been accounts where lions killed Tigers, now there have been accounts where tigers killed bears, but these bears were old sick females, so it is very difficult to know outcomes The tiger was trying to eat the sloth bear cub, but it could not fight off the mother. If I remember correctly, the last tiger tried to escape too. And your naive logic about the extinction of bears is kind of laughable. ..for you to even amend your “opinion” – so that it.. will.. ”. Although I like tigers better. Come on… it’s not is a mystery if most experts will agree that tiger will win. Shere Khan, the tiger from Jungle Book, is actually one of my favourite Disney characters. You just proved my point about lions and tigers being the ONLY big cats having more forceful bites “dumb-as.” Jaguars, leopards, cheetahs don’t have more powerful bites, “dumb-as.” And even for lions/tigers, it depends on the individuals. sorry old chap.. but.. no.. I believe lion would win in fight against tiger because lions have manes to protect themselves from tiger bites and any animal bites i know all this because documentery said all of it plus they said lions are bigger, Number 1 Facts that SIBERIAN TIGER can beat an AFRICAN LION. Even Clyde Beatty agrees to this. James sweetie, you must understand that a Siberian Tiger will destroy an African Lion in a fight. However vs an Indian Lion most tigers would have an advantage. (& that Y-tube song just whines on annoyingly) – like you do.. Find some thing relevant to see, like ROAR! This gives to the tiger the advantage of fighting at distance avoiding to get too close to the stronger lion or go by the back. & available, but you reject it, since you only Without the protection of a pride, a solitary MALE AFRICAN LION doesn’t stand a chance in the Savannah. 23- White male lion and three white tigers. Viewing the animals up close shows just how easy it is to approach them, and makes it clear that lion hunting wouldn’t be particularly challenging. No animal can kill another big animal in a seconds and that will never happen. Ironically, those African lions gobbled up more Indians than Il leone ha 58.2% di muscoli in tutto il corpo, quindi è meno muscoloso e potente, e già questo , a parità di peso ,dice che la TIGRE è più forte! No, James. Tigers are bigger and stronger than Lions.But Lions are the better fighters.Tigers are built to hunt. still at your infantile ID scam.. Therefore, scientific classifications ignored this main point and classified lions as a pure feline which it not completely right. Your choice mate – do/believe whatever you want/like. Its you – who is the nobody in these threads.. In the other hand, lions live a more brutal and dangerous life than tigers, they have more occasions to get killed. Yeah, for sure, seemed) & remaining a sly, treacherous brute.. Posted by bamafan1001 on 3/28/17 at 10:57 am to Pecker Over 100 lb difference....Tiger 100/100 times ( & in fact he reveals that his life actully depended.. on his ‘deal’ with his ‘boss’ lion, It is a surprise! African lion have bigger skull than Siberian tiger but tiger have bigger cranial volume than African lion means they have bigger brain which makes them far intelligent and clever than lion. & today.. we do not accept these views at ‘face value’ anymore.. They came up with another experiment. Kindly do attempt to get some education James W. You and Ross Wind are the ones that are ranting about Lion fanatics with zero evidences at all. There are so many websites,, how can I provide links of all of those? This means dogs are braver than cats. my nailing up your useless hide here.. So… sorry lion fans. Especially if they are influential people, their lies are always taken as truth and proliferated to larger scales. don’t be such a lazy coolie.. In nature social animals are more intelligent (intelligence is not related to relative brain size). activities, both in hunting, & for territorial claims.. are only as good as the data on which they are based..