We don’t get as much interest in electric guitars since electrics don’t cause the same challenges for small hands. If having small hands has left you feeling limited in your guitar playing, those days are behind you now. If you are a guitarist that prefers to play on a typical Jaguar or a Jazzmaster, this is a guitar that you will want to try! In the most types of electric guitars, the strings are being brought closer, a process termed as “lowering of the action”. Fender is known for making some of the best guitars. I actually bought this guitar for my son years ago. It does, however, have a slightly thicker neck than the other electric guitars in our guide, so it's not one of the best guitars for small hands. Contents. Ibanez GRGM21BKN 3/4 Size Mikro; 4. If you are a fan of bluegrass music you should see our coverage of best bluegrass guitars. If the cutaway is deep, it’s just getting to be easier for your hands, especially when you’re soloing. Sure, if the shoes are too large you can get your feet in them, and you may even be able to walk around, but soon you’ll have blisters and all kinds of other problems. Though a little high-budgetted than the rest, this is the best one to with. We are not focusing too much on the looks and sounds of the guitar. 1.1 Neck Size; 1.2 Scale Length; 1.3 Body Size; 2 Top 8 Electric Guitars for Small Hands. No, a ¾ size guitar is generally made and built for kids, but that doesn’t mean that you just can’t buy one. Kickstarting our list of best electric guitars for smaller hands, we’ve chosen this outstanding guitar by Fender, one of the leading guitar manufacturers in the world which have been in the industry for decades, ensuring this is a guitar that’s unmatched when it comes to quality and performance. Kozy Panda is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. The key is finding the guitar that best fits your body proportions. Is Mini Electric Guitar Good for tiny Hands and little fingers? How to Play Guitar With Short and Fat Fingers – Correct Technique . If you’re someone who has small hands, then having a guitar with excellent playability is essential. It also includes free lessons and is aimed at kids that are learning guitar. Personal preferences and physical factors weigh in heavily in your decision. Once this is done, you would like strings that will be very comfortable for your smaller fingers. The first is the length of the whole guitar. There’s nothing that I don’t love about this guitar. It has an exclusive range of collections for kids. Just do a quick Google search and look at the hands of Paul Gilbert, Buckethead, John Mayer, Guthri Govan, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, and Wes Montgomery. Best Electric Guitar for Small Hands Epiphone G-400 Pro Electric Guitar: Epiphone G-400 Pro Electric Guitar This is not just a great guitar for small hands but is easy on the pocket at the same time. But if you’re someone who is new to the and really struggling to get anything started, then I put together this list of guitars that you might want to check out. This guitar would also appeal to someone that just wants a nice-looking guitar in a smaller size to play on occasion, but that is also good enough to play for years. It needs to be easy enough to play for small hands, with an appropriately-sized neck. However, one problem with that is the fret buzz, where the strings touch the fret after being played. I’m Dan Hoang. You will find a good mix of full-sized guitars for adults and shorter-scale guitars for kids. 1. You’ll find it ideal for blues, metal, rock, country and many other guitar styles. This Electromatic edition presents ridiculous value and comes in a variety of quite exquisite finishes. Taylor BT2. There is another Squier Guitar on the list. In such guitars you will have to stretch your fingers more because of the greater distance between the frets, thus making your passion a pain. This is why we’ve included travel guitars in this guide. You can get rock, metal and jazz tones from this instrument. Cut to the chase, the things that put this on the list of best electric guitar for small hands is the 24" scale length and the C-shaped neck with a 9.5" radius. The smaller C-shaped neck with  a string scale of 22.75 makes playing it a lot easiereasier and comfortable. This best Guitars For Small Hands is a super guitar for any player but especially for people with small hands. In this article we’re focusing on demonstrating some of the best guitars for small hands. This guitar is smaller than a regular guitar and fits easily in your hands. It is easy to play and acts as an ideal guitar for those struggling to play the regular guitars. It is a 3/4 guitar, is small in size and light, and a popular option among young players. Last Updated : May 11, 2020. For a smaller guitar, I’m still surprised how well this plays and how good it sounds! On the other hand, the best electric guitar for small hands would be the Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar NOS 3. The guitar features one of the best actions and feels. I’ve learned a ton over the years and would love to share some tips with you! Ibanez are another huge brand in the industry, and manufacture some top electric guitars. Maybe you want to play gorgeous fingerstyle like Tommy Emmanuel or just jam a little bit at your local backyard party like Jack Johnson. Here are my personal picks for the best electric guitars for small hands: Epiphone Les Paul Special II – Top Choice; Fender Squier 3/4 Size Kids Mini Strat; Ibanez GRGM21BKN 3/4 Size Mikro; Ibanez 6 String GRX70QATEB Solid-Body; Schecter OMEN-6 6-String Electric Guitar Yamaha APXT2EW This 3/4 size guitar is a fantastic option for those with small hands. It has a solid body makeup, which is an exact replica of the famous guitar of Cobain. A shorter model allows those with shorter hands to reach the top frets without stretching. Read on. Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special; 6. Thus, it is advised that you use electric guitars with thin necks for small hands. This is what makes playing this real fast and leaves you without any finger pains after you’re done with your concert. For small hands, this can act as an excellent telecaster.The sounds are amazing and so is the comfort. The neck should rest comfortably in your hands allowing your fingers to reach the E-string easily. For the rockstar in you, this dashing 3/4 size electric guitar from Ibanez is a total recommend.The smaller body size makes it good for people with smaller hands, kids included. Here’s a list of the top 5 guitars currently on the market that were practically made for you. I’m Dan Hoang. This guitar is a great example of that. Others, like myself, might not be so lucky. Get the best deals on musical instruments and recording equipment at Sweetwater. These guitars are designed to project very loudly, loudly enough for the concert stage. If you’re a guitar player with small hands looking to pick up your first acoustic guitar, then you’re in luck. Therefore, having a guitar that requires less force to press the frets down in the first place is definitely helpful. You could play blues, rock, indie, rock ’n’ roll, jazz or country on it and we’d guarantee you a big fun time. The holiday season is finally here! Players like AC/DCs Angus Young uses one and he’s quite small. From the beautiful finish to the pickups and tremolo bridge, it’s hard to believe that you get such a quality guitar for the price you paid! In addition, since there is less tension on the strings, you won’t need to apply as much pressure to play a note. If you’re a guitar player with small hands and short fingers, then you might want to consider getting a guitar that is a shorter scale length. The vintage humbuckers are an added advantage giving the guitar full-on rocking sounds. This list has a great guitar for every style of guitarist, whether you want to strum a country song, perform classical flamenco, or channel your inner rockstar . It’s not something necessary to have it at all if you want, but if you’ve got very small hands it’d be an honest idea. Now Baby Taylor as a variant was started by Taylor Guitars to make guitars for kids. When I was first starting out, I didn’t think that the guitar was the right instrument for me because my hands weren’t big enough. Blues, jazz, rock, grunge- this beauty suits all. This guitar is the classic Ibanez RG design that so many players favor, including Steve Vai. Best electric guitar for small hands: In the decades since these devices have been massed produced in the market, electrics have come in builds that offer access for musicians with smaller statures. A good quality guitar at this low price was impossible to find years ago. I feel this is the best choice if you have a small budget but still want a good, reliable guitar to play on. By Mike Duffy. 2019-07-19 By WikiAdmin Leave a Comment So you’re in the market looking for your dream acoustic guitar. Being one of the lower-priced guitars in this review, you’ll notice why when you play it. When the body of a guitar is too large, it forces you to reach around awkwardly to pick or strum the strings, putting your fret hand in an even mor… But ¾ guitars can still be a good option for some folks, especially if you are a smaller person. It’s just a very well-made, great-sounding, great-playing guitar. A guitar’s scale length is the distance between the nut and the bridge, and different guitars use different scale lengths. People with small hands would know the struggle of pressing down the strings and reaching for that chord. Usually, longer the scale, the more vibrant the tones, while shorter scales offer a warmer tone. The F-hole lets the guitar make both electric and acoustic sounds. All in all, this will be a go-to option for you. This is good if you have small hands because if you really need to reach to hit a note with your pinky, you’ll still be able to play it since it’s easier to press. Taylor BT2 . The fretboard is rosewood with 21 frets. The 22 jumbo frets make the the instrument go easy and comfortable on the neck. Like Ibanez, Schecter is another guitar company that produces guitars that are of very high quality, features and styling that are incredible values. Gibson SGs can cost a lot of money, so I would go with an Epiphone SG such as the Epiphone G-400 Pro which is the right choice for a smaller hand size. Whether you’re an adult trying to learn guitar for the first time, or trying to get your child into learning the instrument, you’ll definitely find something suitable on this list. This is why we’ve included travel guitars in this guide. Epiphone SG Special a number of the guitars made this list because they need slim necks, others because they need a brief scale length, so they’re not all an equivalent unfortunately. The Double Jet is one of the best all-purpose rock ’n’ roll electric guitars that Gretsch makes. It fit perfectly in her budget, was the right size for her, and she loved the way it felt and sounded. Fender Squier ¾ Size Mini Strat Electric Guitar; 4. Let’s talk about the scale length first. The Ultimate 2019 List Of Top Small Hand Guitars. This is one of the first things to consider. Electric guitars have already got thinner fingerboards than acoustic guitars, so just by playing guitar, you’ve made an honest choice for your small hands.In all honesty, most adults are ready to play a full-sized guitar, but if you’ve already tried that and just desire it might be better to urge one that suits your needs better, take this list with you to a music shop and ask to check play the tiny sized guitars and see what it seems like .

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