Hardiness: 5°F. Like other sphaeralcea species, the leaves and stems have a covering of tiny, star-shaped hairs. The Sphaeralcea ambigua plant grows to 3 feet (0.91 m) in height, and spreads to 2–3 feet (0.61–0.91 m) in width. The Sphaeralcea ambigua plant grows to 3 feet (0.91 m) in height and spreads to 2–3 feet (0.61–0.91 m) in width. Geographic subdivisions for Sphaeralcea ambigua: MAP CONTROLS 1. It grows as a multi-branched perennial shrub with an upright habit, 3-4 ft. tall and 3-4′ (occasionally 5′) wide. Keine Winterstaunässe! Family: Malvaceae: Plant Type: Perennial: Mature Size: 3’H x 3’W: Flower Color: Orange: Flowering Season: Its large, rose-like salmon-colored flowers appear in loose clusters from spring to frost. Zahlreiche kleine, orange Malvenblüten, die den ganzen Sommer bis tief in den Herbst erscheinen. Die Laubblätter sind nahezu ganzrandig. Sun: Full sun. Type: Perennial. 2007. * Desert Mallow – Sphaeralcea ambigua (sfeer-AL-see-uh am-BIG-yoo-uh) Family: Malvaceae (Mallow Family) Native to: Southwestern deserts & desert mountains. 1 Sphaeralcea ambigua + Stems 2–2.5 dm; restricted to Beaver and Millard counties, Utah, or Nye County, Nevada. This shrubby, woolly perennial is native to the warmest, dry regions of the US and Mexico. Earning its specific epithet "ambigua," Desert Globemallow's flowers vary in color from orange to a rose-like salmon-color. Reduziert um 30 Prozent nach der Blüte, damit die Pflanzen nicht zu langbeinig werden. Native Plant Network. 26 Sphaeralcea wrightii Publication Title. The leaves (see lower left image) are fuzzy with white hairs on both sides, lobed, palmately veined, and on long stems, the number of which increase with age. Sphaeralcea is a genus of flowering plants in the mallow family ().There are about 40-60 species, including annuals, perennials, and shrubs.Most originate in the drier regions of North America, with some known from South America.They are commonly known as globemallows, globe mallows, or falsemallows.The name of the genus is derived from the Greek words σφαῖρα (sphaira), meaning … Desert mallow is native across the low, intermediate and high desert zones of California, Arizona and Mexico. Foliage is comprised of small pale green leaves that are covered with fine gray hairs and have palmately lobed … Continue reading "Desert mallow" Forest Research Nursery. (Malvaceae) in my experiment that compared 4 seed treatments. Sphaeralcea purpurea Parish Sphaeralcea purpurea Parish ex Jeps. Sphaeralcea munroana. rosacea) 0 Nurseries Carry This Plant Add to My Plant List; Rosy Apricot Mallow (Sphaeralcea ambigua var. Sphaeralcea species are somewhat difficult to identify. ambigua) 2 Nurseries Carry This Plant Add to My Plant List; Mountain Apricot Mallow (Sphaeralcea ambigua var. These annuals, perennials, and shrubs in 60 or so species are native to dry mountain slopes of the Americas and South Africa. Cut back after flowering. 3 Sphaeralcea caespitosa : 14: Leaf blades unlobed; sepals forming beak in bud. About Mountain Apricot Mallow (Sphaeralcea ambigua var. You can change the display of the base map and layers by clicking on the layer control box in the upper right-hand corner. THE BASICS. They are grown mainly for their showy, saucer-shaped flowers in white, red, purple, pink, orange, or yellow. Zonen: 4-10 Sphaeralcea 'Childerley' Wüstenmalve. Sphaeralcea ambigua. I'm sooo thrilled! Botanical name. YAAYyyyyyyy!! Plant database entry for Orange Mallow (Sphaeralcea ambigua) with 17 images and 24 data details. Sphaeralcea ambigua 'Newleaze Coral' Sphaeralcea ambigua 'Newleaze Coral' Artikelnummer: 2751. Pronounciation: Spha-er-AL-see-a am-BIG-u-a Hardiness zones Sunset 11-13 USDA 8. The tiny hairs on its leaves conserve moisture and reflect sunlight, as well as giving the foliage a characteristic grayish color. Growing Conditions: This extremely hardy cultivar of Sphaeralcea ambigua performs best in full sun and well-drained soil. Rundliche bis eiförmige Blätter mit gelapptem Blattrand, silbergrau. Sie besitzt orangerote Blüten. Desert creatures such as chuckwallas, bighorn sheep, and rabbits feed on the leaves of this plant. It can bloom nearly year-round in the warmest regions and is native to California county polygons can be turned off and on in the layer control box. If it is cut back hard after flowering, … Sphaeralcea Sphaeralcea. Great in dry garden or on slope. The large flowers appear in loose clusters from spring to late fall. Gray and Sphaeralcea coccinea (Nutt.) Sphaeralcea ambigua: Common name: Apricot mallow: Apricot mallow is an upright perennial shrub with spikes of orange flowers in spring. 3. Wunderbarer Halbstrauch mit graugrünen, leicht behaarten Blättern, welcher in jedem nicht zu nassen Boden hervorragend gedeiht. 12 Sphaeralcea hastulata + Leaf blades usually pedately divided (all but proximalmost); sepals not forming beak in bud. Die Heimat dieser Art der Kugelmalve ist der Südosten der USA. Sphaeralcea ambigua 'Louis Hamilton' Species Name: Sphaeralcea ambigua 'Louis Hamilton' Common Name: Louis Hamilton Apricot Mallow This selection has gorgeous red blooms that just keep going and going. Sphaeralcea Ambigua(orange) GERMINATED!!!! ... Sphaeralcea ambigua 'Childerley', 0 Artikel im Warenkorb Im Shop anmelden « zurück zur Übersicht. Orange or red are the usual colors of sphaeralcea ambigua flowers, but this is quite a variable species, and populations in central Arizona tend to be pink, lavender or even white. Sphaeralcea incana Beschreibung. Propagation protocol for vegetative production of container Sphaeralcea ambigua Gray plants (1 gallon container) Authors. Sphaeralcea ambigua 'Childerley' Beschreibung. Native to: Sonoran Desert. Abstract. Document Type. In … Sphaeralcea ambigua (Desert Mallow) is an attractive multi-branched perennial shrub boasting a profusion of brilliant orange-red, cup-shaped flowers, 1 in. Sphaeralcea macdougalii Rose & Standl. Bemerkenswert die sehr lange Blütezeit in seltenem Farbton. ambigua) is a native perennial herb that grows in southern and central California.It tends to … from 3/25 in moist paper towel/ziplock. Größe: 2-3 Fuß groß x 2 Fuß breit. tax Out of stock (0) IN-STORE PICKUP ONLY Summer pickup hours are Thursday-Saturday 9AM-3PM. Genus. Growth Rate: Fast. It can be used as an accent plant in a dry rock garden for its showy flowers. The leaves (see image) are fuzzy with white hairs on both sides, lobed, palmately veined, and on long stems, the number of which increase with age. 5 seeds germinated and were placed in seed starting medium, hopefully they survive. After that, globe mallow will bloom off and on throughout the summer and fall. apricot globe … Globe mallow (Sphaeralcea ambigua) brings a unique “cottage-garden” feel to the desert plant palette along with some surprises. Excellent butterfly plant. Description. The cup-shaped flowers have five rounded petals, with a cluster of tiny stamens at the center. Water: Very Low. This tough little shrub grows throughout the deserts of the American southwest and in Mexico. Schalenförmige, pfirsisch-orange Blüten in aufrechtem traubigem Blütenstand. Macht etwas Ausläufer. Publisher. ... Sphaeralcea ambigua is an erect, ... Propagation Seed - it has a hard seed coat and benefits from either autumn sowing or scarification of stored seed[277. Other names. rosacea) is a native perennial herb that grows in Southern and Central California, primarily in the Desert Mountains, the Mojave Desert and Sonoran Desert regions.It tends to grow at elevations from 500-2600 feet. Mechanical scarification plus stratification was most effective in improving germination of Sphaeralcea ambigua A. Sphaeralcea ambigua - Apricot Mallow (Plant) $5.00 Excl. About Rosy Apricot Mallow (Sphaeralcea ambigua var. Globe mallow (Sphaeralcea ambigua), both drought tolerant and beautiful, brings a unique “cottage-garden” feel to the desert plant palette along with some surprises.In spring a flush of colorful flowers are produced that will cause people to stop in their tracks. Title Plants Database Species. Publication Date. Desert mallow, Apricot mallow, Desert hollyhock. Purchase this plant in bloom to select desired flower color. Name:Sphaeralcea ambigua. Foliage is often downy and may be coarse. Sphaeralcea ambigua var. Landscape Use: Xeriscape perennial accent, mixed dry borders and rock gardens, desert restoration. It is very drought tolerant, but will bloom intermittently throughout summer if given a little supplemental water. Tip: be sure to look for selections that offer a wide range of flower colors. Wachstumsbedingungen: Trockenwachstum nach Etablierung; an einem vollsonnigen und gut durchlässigen Standort pflanzen. pulchella Jeps. This is, however, quite a variable species, and the flowers may also be pink, lavender or even white. Scientific: Sphaeralcea ambigua Common: Desert mallow, desert hollyhock, apricot mallow, desert globe mallow Family: Malvaceae Origin: Arizona, south and east California, south Utah and Nevada south into Sonora, Mexico. In spring a flush of beautiful flowers are produced that will cause people to stop in their tracks. Sommergrün. Sphaeralcea ambigua. S. ambigua - S. ambigua is an upright, softly hairy, evergreen to semi-evergreen perennial or subshrub with rounded, wrinkled, shallowly lobed, silvery-grey leaves and clusters of orange, rarely pink or white flowers in summer and autumn. Article. Desert globemallow A woolly perennial that grows to 3 feet tall and almost as wide. Sphaeroma ambiguum (A.Gray) Kuntze Homonyms Sphaeralcea ambigua A.Gray Common names Apricot globemallow in language. Rydb. 2. Scott R. Abella, University of Nevada, Las Vegas Follow. Deutscher Name: Wüstenmalve Wüstenmalven sind einfrucksvolle Halbsträucher für Solitärstellung in trockenen Kiesbeeten oder Steinanlagen. across (2.5 cm), in spectacular clusters along 2-3 ft. upright stems (60-90 cm). GROWTH RATE.

sphaeralcea ambigua propagation

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